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  • AgPlanet - agribusiness web database

    Novel Ways are acting to supply the agribusiness sector in NZ with a powerful database showcasing all products and services for farmers and the primary sector.

    The ideas behind the system are already online at

    Behind each main button on the front screen will be a complete list of all suppliers of products and services to the primary sector in NZ. We will actively gather data each year, to make sure the database is complete. What is very different about this site is that we'll be asking some technical questions of each supplier.

    We'll ask them to provide some kind of estimate on the worthiness of their offerings, the most direct one being to provide an estimate of the "Return on Investment" or ROI. If the supplier pays a small annual fee for the listing on AgPlanet, special data like this will be available in a ranked search of the database.

    So for example, a dairy farmer will be able to request a complete list of the equipment available for under $5,000 in NZ which suits dairy farming, ranked in terms of likely ROI. A simple click on each equipment description will show all of the suppliers, and they can be filtered by region.

    A forum like this one will be added to the website, where the end-users and suppliers can discuss the products and suggest improvements or sort out any issues, plus provide positive feedback.

    End-users will only use the site to get in contact with useful suppliers and stockists, it will not initially have a 'shopping basket' system. Supplier subscribers may be able to add a website at low cost through AgPlanet. Free listings are available with a reduced function, but the annual fee can be as low as $195 + GST per year, no other costs involved.

    The data will be split up into clear sections:

    Equipment (large capital items down to tools, assets)
    Supplies (feeds, seeds, fert, chemicals and consumables)
    Services (consultants, financing etc)
    Brands (list of every brand)
    Companies (list of sole traders, companies)
    Classified advertising (subscriber and casual adverts)

    We will be looking for feedback on the design of this website, and at the moment efforts are being made to complete supplier registration and the product/service pages so we can start taking in data.

    Please email interest and enquiries to Graham Lynch -
    Graham Lynch