We have good stocks of Batt-Latch timer kits leading up into Fieldays at Mystery Creek, 11-14 June 2014. We will have site M30, which is outside the front entrance to the main pavillion (opposite the old HQ site).

This year, we have some new products to show off, including a cellular modem add-on for the Batt-Latch. The latest circuit boards are ready to take a modem option, and by mid June the code will be ready to offer the upgrades.

With the modem installed in a timer, any farm worker with a cellphone and the Batt-Latch unit's number/password will be able to force the timer to release with a simple text, or delay the release time, check on the status, even speed up the release, change the clock or any of the job times. We have heard that sometimes everybody is running late for milking, and having the cows out in the race too early for anyone to handle them, can be a problem. So now you can text the timer to delay the next release by an hour or so. The Batt-Latch will also send you a text back to your mobile(s) confirming what is going on. The modem option will also be very useful for those with a second herd, because the second timer can be released at will, in advance of a backup release time.

Any Batt-Latch units can be upgraded if necessary, with an electronic controller board trade-in.

Here is the latest newsletter with more details. We hope to see you there at Fieldays.