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Thread: Farming the Sun

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    Solarzyme is a listed company, and is supplying an algae biofuel mixed with diesel for a limited testing period, in America.


    But here is an article showing the truly vast amount of phosphate fertiliser that would be needed to be recycled by algae, to produce the world's liquid fuels each year. Phosphate is an increasingly important limitation on the world's food supplies.


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    In 2012, 2013, solar cell prices continues to drop, and an accord was reached in July this year to set a minimum price per watt for solar panels. This was to halt the further loss of jobs in EU PV firms, which had been decimated by Chinese imports.


    The minimum price was reportedly US56c a watt of output, and this is definitely hitting the sweet spot for many new applications.

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    Some interesting advances in supercapacitors - best results yet, using silicon as a base material. Replacing large batteries with light flat supercaps could be quite possible in the future. Still a bit lower than the energy density in LiIon batteries.


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    A simpler method of getting to the oil stage, with algae as the starter. Short on the energy and nutrient inputs though, in this article.


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    This project for Abu Dhabi looks useful. The nutrients are used to feed saltwater fish and shrimps, and mangroves get the leftovers and are converted to biofuels.


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    Fusion energy is the holy grail of many scientists, and here is an unexpected breakthough of a short fusion reaction being achieved by using concentrated lasers on a small brew of Deuterium and Tritium that was encased in plastic. It produced 1% more energy than was put into the internal capsule, and they hope to improve it further.


    Here's more detail: the full view is that the experiment produced 17kJ of energy from Fusion, about 1% of the amount used to fire it up. But it's still a big step in the right direction.


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    Gizmag has a writeup on this revolutionary Archimedes-type wind turbine. This could be huge, if it's as efficient as they say it is.


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    Gizmag has the latest fusion idea (a dynomak), a sphere that contains the plasma using plasma as a barrier, and this could produce energy at about the same price as coal, and it's unlimited.


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    Solar PV is still dropping in price, and energy to households from PV panels should match the price of gas generation, from around 2025.


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    In fact, another 40% drop in the price of installed solar PV is anticipated in two years.


    Even looking at the raw cost of the panels per watt, US50c/watt is looking normal now.

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